Monday, April 22, 2013

First Prizes & Books

I have neglected this blog for a fair while now (divorce does that to you) but I'm back now!

I've noticed that Boot Camp's stats on the right list 131 First Prizes and XX books. Those figures are way out of date. I think they refer to 2006.

Unfortunately, I stopped collecting exact statistics when my personal life started going haywire but I'm damn sure that Boot Campers and ex-Boot Campers have totted up more than 150 Firsts and we are approaching 50 books.

If any BCers and ex-BCers hear of this post, I'd be very grateful to hear of your successes that occurred 2006-2013

Our most recent success was Ken Elkes

Ken had the winning flash in the Fish Prize, April 2013 - another flash on the short-list and in the anthology, and a third flash on the long-list.

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