Thursday, April 25, 2013

E-Reader Stuff

Kindle, iPad, iPod, Nobo etc or the heft of the actual paper?

I am not even slightly against reading on the Kindle or iPad (as two examples)

I've got a couple of Kindles and an iPad and have stories on an iPod touch and my iPhone.

The convenience of having all those books easily carried etc. Great.

But I thought this morning, how I go out of the house every day, with either a Kindle or my iPad, but ALSO with a paperback or a hardback, and I end up reading that, the "real thing".)

One thing I find an e-reader great for is reading while on an exercise bike.

The minutes of pain fly by.

I have some books in hardback, paperback AND on my iPad!

So I'm not pro or anti, but would love to hear the views of others on the differences between reading on an e-reader and reading the actual throbbing book.

What are your feelings?


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