Friday, April 26, 2013

Prompts on Saturday (April 27th)

Prompts on Saturday

Born on the 4th of July

The sort of thing you'd find in a jar at a freak show

I guess it's a wife-thing

The trees, tall and black seemed to lean

The Things They Carried


There is nothing to see here, nothing.

Do you like pie?

The poison is within, slowly growing, ever blacker

What else to do but weep?

I would walk in his shoes. If I had feet

So I went to the doctor

The graves open and death rises up

Reading about Vietnam

Her hair was straight, her eyes cold as a river

Three boys, a crossbow, a rabbit

Sometimes you slip into the evening, sometimes it slips into you

A good whisky

I will wake again, at around 3:30

The moon is round, has two eyes, a nose and a mouth

I see the colour about you, the light

Oops, that's cracked it.

My father, sitting in the garden, his open-necked white shirt

The darkness of families

There must be a place where things work out

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