Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Prompts

I have no great news, which is bad news
A swish of air
Anything is possible
Are you still looting?
No, considerably thinner.
as the fruit drops from the tree
before that happens
But for now, yes, there is wire
but it sounds like a sigh
Crack the whip, darling
Did you expect less of a reaction?
During the time I have been writing this letter
Every now and then
Everything is bare
Frighteningly berserk
He may have gone by the name Cinch or Finch
I have been counting the sighs
I have heard the soft sound
I listen for that falling
If it gets any bigger it will start eating men
And through the leaves
If this doesn't reach you in Caracas, they have moved Venezuela
In the back yard
It has still not been decided
It may not be a sigh
My wrists are sore!
of an apple hitting the earth
Pa is thinking of buying a Bugatti
Pretty conventional all told
Since I started to write to you there have been eighteen
The apples are mostly green and wormy
The apples have been falling to the ground
There is a gasp
There may be others, we don't know yet
though it does not reflect my mood
Though it has little to do with me
Translated from Latin and Greek
We do not spray the tree
We would prefer an open society
Writing a sentence

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