Monday, January 09, 2012

More Monday Prompts

We need to know that you are our sort of person

Yellow, and a dull green

A PPE at Oxford, nothing else

An odd impression of deliberate meanness

And a gold tooth

And once, on No-Name Beach, you remember?

And wanted pots and pans and ladles

Dwarf Bitches

Everyone says beyond is freedom

Fish and Stones

For 73 days, a sort of light

Going dancing in Regent's Park

He had a red umbrella

How the fish came out of the dark and over us?

I came back home yesterday, running from something

I failed in my bid to be a postman

I have considered living in Finland for the dark

I once met a man from Nigeria

I stroke my father's head

It is all, in an instant, mud

Or watching bad football in Crewe

The black pig of loneliness

They say tortoises are proud

This depresses me still

We know how streams come together but not what splits them

We once drove a kayak through waves

We swam with turtles, remember?

You are leaving the official zone without papers

You asked for paper and then matches

You ran in and out as if you were checking things

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