Monday, January 16, 2012

21;30 Flash Blast Session

01 It's a pretty sort of disease
02 Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!
03 Blenkinsop & Brown, Solicitors of a kind
04 Which wine, or should it be champagne?
05 Twenty-One Today!
06 Give me funny
07 Gold and Silver
08 Nothing here moves, nothing changes
09 Crisp white sheets, cocoa
10 He took his fear in his hand and chucked it
11 Like Christmas ornaments
12 Happy
13 We could drive across the state and stare at waterfalls
14 Yes! Yes! Yes!
15 Let's barricade the doors and fuck like bunnies
16 How Mam tucked me in so tight, so tight, so delicious
17 Glitter
18 I won't be good to start but I do learn quickly
19 Something light like chicken
20 Until we're sore with it and need cream
21 Pillows fluffed, and aerosol
22 I like how your face is lit, a light inside
23 Candles lit, it seems to change the mood
24 I love your elbows and your knees

Compressed in the moment of death

Those not allowed to die

Arms at his side, he fell

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