Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Blast II

1 Other than that, a pleasant cruise

2 Twins: Alike but not alike

3 Reading the Daily Mail

4 Martin in Windsor

5 We would like to hear your experiences

6 Strictly on form

7 Yes of course they fuck you up

8 He spent a week in August, Bridlington

9 A bucket full of god-ends

10 A thousand and seven copies of "Health & Efficiency"

11 Flowered curtains faded and frayed

12 His ears stuffed with cotton-wool

13 I was late getting away

14 She stole an ice-cream van and ran.

15 Outside, a long thin building-plot

16 In the interest of those less fortunate

17 A tiny PING!

18 Perhaps he deserved more. He didn't deserve that

19 Men with fat leather belts

20 Nothing like that would ever happen here

21 He came out even

22 Four Aways, Nine homes, forget the Treble-Chance

23 His bed, his chair, the miserable bulb

24 This is how we measure lives, or how they shape

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