Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday Prompts II

A strange experience on an aeroplane
After, Tom and the boys at the gate
Are you interested in playing basketball?
Blood Donation session
Happy Write-Day!
He had become a socialist
He took the remark as an invitation
I caught her eye, and knew she was pregnant
I closed my eyes and held on
I felt so terribly, terribly guilty
I found myself praying to a God
I have been so afraid of dying
I try to make my peace
I was on my way to Denver
It was very physical, like all my body felt it
Just let the baby live, let it live
On Lower Farm
Perhaps a tyre would burst
Private & Confidential
Professional to the end
She did not seem awkward
She held in all but one tear
Sometimes, in return she would tell about herself
The Beauty Treatment
The Egyptian Lottery
The Lion King
The steward had been pretty
This might, or might not be the end
We would be his assistants

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