Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012-015 Prompts, 08:24 Jan 1st

And cut paths and tunnels through the rhododendrons

I am not a monster

I saw you wonder about eating bread

You were thinking of running down hills

I am not loved, so things like this are precious

I do not speak from malice

Last night I saw you looking down from the wall

I saw you consider the thoughts of a street-singer, a lyre-player

You were thinking of undoing your hair

I tell you this because I am concerned for you
Jennifer, I am disappointed.

Last night I saw your eyes, like a sow's

There is no reason to fear me, Jennifer.

Now look, you have made it rain.

Play me the song you played for the king
Take off your coat, sit down.

There are countries with grass, and fish in their rivers.

Unless you would rather work in the kitchens

We could throw pebbles and make them skip

You are late.

You have made me cold.

We could go swimming and throw water

You were thinking, that is bad enough

So be it.

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