Monday, January 02, 2012

2012-017 More Monday Prompts

First you gets a sunny day, then you gets a girl

All the fun of the fair

A pocket full of pennies

An apple, bread and cheeze

Mebs some bread and margarine sprinkle it with sugar

Your bestest friends and all the one for arlies or fer arrers

Flying cronks and brakeless bikes and jumping on the bus

Jist running round to Dickens Drive and back again like lightnin'

And smelling dad all oil and stuff coming up the woods

A day in Barry Island, and fish and chips

The Damn Busters, Cockleshell Heroes, They Who Dared

Georgie Williams' Bayonet

To touch Susan Gibbons

In a tent. Oh Carol!

Tommy Steele bangs all these saucepans.

Teddy Boys and razors, kids from Pill

That thing goes over the river

Mirrors and little yous forever

A boy without a Mam, rulers, slaps

Pennies for the Black Babies


In Nominay ate Fillyay Santi


But not football

Mr Daley

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