Wednesday, January 04, 2012

2012-024 More prompts!

Yet more prompts courtesy of
D H Lawrence and
Alex Keegan

Come on, impress me. Write something publishable usuing some, all or most of these

A pale octopus
According to project leader Professor Alex Rogers
And the British Antarctic Survey
Anemones, predatory sea stars with seven arms
Are thriving in the rich chemicals ejected by the vents:
At whatever hour he retires to the privy
Creeping on top of each other,
Entire colonies of Yeti crabs,
Found nowhere else on the planet
Has revealed a hot, dark, ‘lost world'
have discovered a "lost world"
Hydrothermal vents are home to animals
In such large numbers.
in the East Scotia Ridge.
In the Southern Ocean near Antarctica,
It all seems utterly senseless and pointless
It was part of his very being
John Silver who got high in the police force
Nearly 7,874 feet (2,400 meters) under the surface of the Ocean.
Other men meant nothing to her
Oxford University's Department of Zoology
Packed with unknown species.
Researchers used a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV)
Scientists from the University of Oxford
So many never before seen species
Straight out of a Jules Verne's novel
Such as hydrogen sulphide.
That can reach up to 719 degrees Fahrenheit (382 degrees Celsius).
That Irishman who wrote about stars
The first survey of these particular vents
The hopelessness of the affair
The National Oceanography Centre,
The researchers were amazed to find
The whole point about your sexual problems
The world is supposed to be full of possibilities
There are plenty more fish in the sea
There were occasional small eruptions of hope
These alien-looking white creatures
They are also surprised they didn't find any tubeworms or mussels
They discovered an amazing new world
They get their energy from breaking down chemicals
This discovery is amazing,
Thriving with unknown species under Antarctica,
To explore the depths of the East Scotia Ridge
Tommy Helf who had stayed in the army
Typically detected around hydrothermal vents
University of Southampton
Were found, piling on top of the vents,
Where communities of previously unknown marine organisms thrive.
Whether be a mackerel or a herring
Which is full of hydrothermal vents

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