Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012-017 Prompts for Monday (II)

He will arise and go up with the pulpit

His heart was filled with the glory of Sion

And he ran this way and that way

And that which he had done.

At the first sound of the Trumpet

Ellen died and her son bound her with sacks

Ellen Pugh was without a name in Sion.

For he too shall be buried in the field

Grieved that his well was not large

And he will warn the Big Man

He built a hedge on all sides of it

Then he became frightened

He buried her in the field.

He went to the owner of the field and bought the field

His manner was humble.

In his confusion he told everyone

Lias Carpenter heard his sayings

Moreover he raised a pulpit of wood

Near the place under which Ellen lies;

On the Sabbath his face was habited in a religious smile

So that none could trespass in it.

That which his mother had said to him

There was a man whose piety was an adage,

Evan viewed his possessions

So much more would I be with machinery

Joking you are indeed

Evan governed his anger

Having done all that he stood at the end of the fence

Great is the havoc from these crows

Here is a nice stone and costly

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