Monday, January 23, 2012

Prompts for Blast 1

Your eyes are my weather report
Winter in another country
We unmade love
We have visited such a man
Was that so terrible?
This life, this life!
This is where I want to live
There is a boy I know
The time of our songs and young men's throats
The speed of light is quite quick
The Board of Directors
Slow-roasted leg of lamb, fresh mint, sugar, vinegar
Slings and arrows
Rewinding the tape
Paining with stuff like toothpaste
Once, when I was in Belfast
Love, just for the sake of it.
Like one or other silver bell
Keep rowing
It is so lavish
Inside the wire, her heart outside
I loved her, she was quietly shop-soiled
He suffers the enormous agonies of love
Grab every third one
Every time I catch a balloon
Bloop! Bloop! Bloop!
As I drown I will consider colours
Apples! Apples!
A beautiful blue

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