Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Return of the Frantic Flash

In 2005 Seventh Quark ran Seven "Frantic Flash" competitions. These were originally scheduled for the first Sunday of the month but then we added the day before! That is NOT "The first Saturday and Sunday of the month because we might have 31st and 1st.

We missed the beginning of January so we are running a Frantic Flash, FF8, on January 14th and 15th.

There will be six available time-slots 0900, 1800, 2100 on both days (Saturday & Sunday) - UK Times.

Interested parties register that interest with AK and then go on the mailing list. At the six appointed times all "entrants" receive a set of flash prompts by email, plus they will be displayed on the 7Q Web Site, here, and in the Public Area of Boot Camp.

Entrants will have 75 Minutes to write a flash and submit it to AK and/or the competition secretary.

We ask entrants to confirm they are "in" as soon as they have received their emailed prompts. In the event of a blow-out and no story we would stil like the £5 please!

Finalists are announced by midnight Monday. Winners & Places within 2-3 days.

Entry is £5 by UK Cheque, £5:50 by PayPal.

Entrants can enter 1-2-3-4-5- or 6 slots but a payment is due for each time. Because some people enter 4 or more times we do NOT limit entrants from winning more than one prize.

Unusually, all entrants can meet up after the sessions and on the Monday in a private forum and discuss the stories and the process. This will be a non-public annexe of Boot Camp.

Prizes will be at least 50% of the entry pool and are expected to be £50-£100 in the first few competitions. Winners and places are eligible for publication in Seventh Quark Magazine ans shortly you will be able to see some early winners/places on our sister blog, "Seventh Quark Mag On Line".


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