Saturday, January 14, 2006

Frantic Flash Advice

(78 Minute Warning)

Frantic Flash Prompts at 0900

When Boot Campers and others raised money for Children in Need, they wrote a flash an hour for up to 30 Hours straight. Already 35 of those flashes have placed and many others are out there under submission.

In my own case I think at least half of the flashes are solid/good and maybe 5-6 are really good. Those I have sent to good competitions.

For those who have never tried writing fast to a deadline, consider it. You may "freeze" the first few times, but once you learn to "let go" your unconscious will surprise you.

THIS was a flash, and THIS and THIS

Flashwriting (one word) releases ideas and attitudes that often surprise us. We break away from the obvious and predictable. The unconscious is a powerful place. We should use it more!

When you see prompts, don't dive in, but also don't think too hard. Read all the prompts and "stay loose". Allow the bizarre combinations to enter your spirit. Roll them around, join prompts together. The harder you think, the more concrete, the worse will be your story.

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