Monday, January 02, 2006

09:00 Flash Prompts

I haven't done my pre-log-on writing yet (but had to post prompts for Boot Camp) so I thought why not post them here?

How long we get varies. It's been 45 minutes, an hour, 100 minutes and 75.

My belief is 75 is the longest you should ever have. Longer and the thinking reverts to the way people are when told to write a story. They think too much. To Flash VERB is about speed, about letting go, about allowing the unconscious to make connections you don't get by thinking hard.

So 60 or 75 minutes is my recommendation. Read the flashes, or print the list, go make a cup of tea (all costing you time) and then start to write, even if the piece feels like it will be crap.

Use 1, 2, 3 or many prompts. Just let go.

99 Death Street and The Black Dog

100 Postage Stamps

But Ought's as Far Away From Is and Does as Is and Was Lives maybe Far Behind

Parrot & Parrakeet

Here's Another Ending

Butter & Bread, Bread & Butter

The Sewers Beneath Our Pretty Streets


A Month With No Internet, NO Internet

Wrong Number, You Wish

Young Hear Crying

When the Women Come Out to Dance



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