Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Few Comps Closing Soon

05 January Writers Forum

£10 Entry
Prizes £300-£150-£100.
Word-Length (1500-3000)

14 January Leaf Books: Short Stories for Children

£10 Entry
First Prize £200
Max Length 3,000 words

14 January Chapter One Promotions

£8 Entry
Prizes £2500-£1000-£500
Max Length 2,500 words

Glimmer Train

That's the home page for Glimmer Train.
It's a very tough set of competitions they run and the next one closes January 31st and is for very short fiction. They take on-line submissions and payment and have a neat manuscript audit trail.

31 January Glimmer Train
$10 Entry
Prizes $1200-$500-$300
Max Length 2000 words


Very Short Fiction Award

We are interested in reading your original, unpublished stories! (We don't publish stories for children, I'm sorry.) Multiple submissions are fine. (You can send more than one submission per competition, if you like, or submit the same story for different categories, if it qualifies). Please, no simultaneous submissions. When we accept a story for publication, we are purchasing first-publication rights. (Once we've published your story, you are free to, for instance, include it in your own collection.)


November 1st – January 31st.
Results on May 1st.

May 1st – July 31st.
Results on November 1st.

Reading Fee:
$10 per story.

1st place wins $1,200,
publication in Glimmer Train Stories,
and 20 copies of that issue.

2nd/ 3rd-place: $500/$300, respectively.

Other considerations:

Open to all writers:
Stories not to exceed 2,000 words.

31 January Cotswold Writers £5 £500 Prize?

A Boot Camper won this last year and the prize then was £500

I'll see if I can confirm details Wednesday, but this is off the web.

Cotswold Writers' Circle Open Writing Competition.
£200, £75 and £25 are on offer.
Prose 1,000 words max.
Closing date 31 January.

The winner will be published in the anthology Pen Ultimate.
Copies from the address below, £2.50 post-free.

Cotswold Writers' Open Competition,
Beeches Park,
Hampton Fields,

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