Monday, January 02, 2006

More Good News

I can't say I love all this admin, but we had another newcomer join Boot Camp today from Saudi. We now have two members from there, one in the Ukraine, two in Spain, another from Canada, one from the US, one in Wales!

British Member Cally announces she's had an acceptance from print magazine Aesthetica, out in February. Cally is doubly-pleased as she had only just scored her first-ever print hit in Leaf's CIN Anthology.

BC Stats are now, 12 Stories, 25 Flashes, 71 Critiques, 50 Submissions, 12 Rejects, 4 Hits, 2 Prizes $350

Beacon Hill

It was damn cold up there yesterday and windy too. The picture at the top of this post is Bridie with Debbie trying to get out of the picture. She says if I post this she'll divorce me. Anyone know a good lawyer?

The one below here is the two kids almost getting on with each other.

PJ (son Alex) Looking Taller Every Day

Just had an enquiry from Mallorca, would I run a course there.

I'LL RUN COURSES ANYWHERE as long as the money covers things and I get a decent bed! Watch this space for details if that one comes off.


1 comment:

Alex Keegan said...

I hadn't realised that Beacon Hill was an ancient hill fort.

I always feel really "connected" when I visit one (whereas I am left cold visiting a castle)

I remember once (I think it was near Symond's Yat) standing and looking down at a river flood plain, a dark green meadow and wondering how a marching Roman Army must have seemed to a young, naked, blue-painted Briton.

Fir ages I thought I was going to write up the feeling as a poem but it ended up as Persistent Vegetative State at Southern Ocean Review