Sunday, January 01, 2006

13 Children in Need Stories!

Eclectica published today (January 1st 2006) with a special on the Boot Camp/Children in Need Fund-Raiser.

Ten of the thirteen stories are from Boot Campers, so enjoy.

There's one of mine in there, too Night Classes.

To date, that makes thirty-two stories published from those written that night, all within one-hour, under immense pressure. Just what the human can accomplish with a little belief and morivation!

My Daughter Bridie on Our New Year's Day Walk, Beacon Hill

A few days ago I made the point that we try to start a New Year with a rush (on Dec 26) for motivation and to gain momentum. This year is exceptional in that we have

24 Flashes 51 Flash Critiques
09 Stories Posted 07 Critiques
46 Submissions
12 Rejections

12 Actual Publications
01 First Prizes
01 Second Prizes
01 Finalist

$350 Won

It's effort like this that makes the difference.

Commitment, Passion, Effort.


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