Saturday, January 28, 2006

Next Weekend Another Frantic One

Next weekend (February 4th & 5th) we get back to the normal Frantic Flash schedule and from then on we we'll have Frantic Flash Weekends on the weekend that includes the first Sunday of the month.

The recent FF had just 27 entries, virtually all old-hands at Flashing, and we rarely get more than 40.

This is policy. I like to run lots of small, regular competitions for the buzz, but not have competitions that are so large and have hundreds of entries that take me away from my own writing for too long.

Just to remind you. You receive an email (if you have signed up) at 0900, 1800, 2100 on both the Saturday and Sunday. The prompts are in the email plus they are displayed n my blogs and the 7Q site. You then have 75 minutes to write your story and submit it. If you email immediately to say "I'm in! You get an extra 5 minutes. Entry is £5, Prizes are Half the Pool, typically £50-£100.

All timings are UK Time.

Here are this morning's Boot Camp Prompts.

Email: Wrong Number

The Sadness of Weddings

Her Family Tree is a Willow, I am Pine

One or Two Natural Wonders of the World

Last Tango in Basingstoke

One Hundred Million Pounds

In His Cottage Kitchen, Just Talking, About Books

After They Leave

Lawrence of Bulgaria

The Bitter Things, and Time

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