Saturday, January 14, 2006

Grinding On

Frantic Flash Weekends are tough with six sets of prompts going out, stories coming in and being read and marked within a few hours. Eight so far received and more tonight, then three session tomorrow!


Boot Camper Michael J Hulme has a story accepted, coming out on BBC Radio Norfolk February 14th (the big softy). This takes the Boot Camp total for the year to 14 hits.

Michael Recently at an Award Ceremony

019 Stories
096 Story Critiques
070 Flashes
281 Flash Crits
108 Submissions
014 Hits
027 Rejections
003 Paper Publications
013 Web Publications
016 Total Publications
001 First Prizes
001 Runner-Up Prizes
000 Third Prizes
003 4ths, HRs, Named Finalists
005 Total Prizes and Named Finals

Nothing spectactular this year, just good solid work and a lot of stuff going out there, with a LOT of competition entries. Hopefully we will see a turn-up in fortunes later in the year when the early work starts to bear fruit.

We have 4-5 brand new members this year, obviously with a lot to learn. Soon we have to start "persuading" them to send stuff out and become creatures of habit. Write, rewrite, submit!

Do You Have an Apple Computer & a PDA?

The PLEASE tell me how to synchronise mine. One minute they appear to be talkingto each other via Blue tooth and then they say they don't exist, I don't exist, Newbury has disappeared and there's no such place as the United Kingdom.

These problems I could do WITHOUT!

Hey I found this, an old contact sheet, hopelessly damaged, but


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