Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More Work, and Another Small Hit

Poem accepted for Leaf's "Out of Love" anthology takes us to 12 Hits for the year to date.

Our second story deadline is Sunday, when we should get 8-15 stories in and probably have passed 100 Flashes by then. It will be time for a writing-breather soon!

Also passed 100 submissions for the year

015 Stories
096 Story Critiques
059 Flashes
214 Flash Crits
100 Submissions
012 Hits
026 Rejections
003 Paper Publications
012 Web Publications
015 Total Publications
001 First Prizes
001 Runner-Up Prizes
000 Third Prizes
002 4ths, HRs, Named Finalists
004 Total Prizes and Named Finals

BC 2006 has a few total newbies but they seem to have dropped into the right attitude straight away.

ie work damn hard and be ruthlessly honest, leave your ego at the door.


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