Monday, June 24, 2013

Prompts 23 June

After the First Month We Got Used to the Rain
He put one hand on my manuscript, the other down my dress
Charlie and The bean Factory
As You Like It
beat the drums of life with your eyelids
But happy to be without company
Going Green
Commons Sketch
1906 Gun-Boat Diplomacy; 2006 Gravy Boat Diplomacy
Beneath Midnight
A different kind of gladness
Camelot, 2006
First I worked for Hopkins, then there was that book.
A story beginning, "I'm not going to lie to you …"
Brannigan's Secret
And the afternoons, the evenings, the nights
Can U tell Me about Fame?
He chucked it all in, just left one day.
0-2 at Home
I am covered in mud
An Arc of Doves
Homing crocodiles

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