Monday, June 24, 2013

I want a filthy red dress
Chanting, chanting
Air on a G String
Brilliant, moving, brilliant
A Silver Dish
Diary of a Dead Man
Decorating the Easter Tree
Great Britain
A story beginning, "It doesn't hurt much…
Having only sought some amusement to fill my evening
A story beginning "In this box there's
Duffy answers back
Fancy Meeting You Here
Cold Tea and No Sympathy
At a Motel in Nanton, Alberta
A man on a bicycle pedalling furiously
Back gardens, back gardens, back gardens, satellite dishes
Don’t pay the ferryman
A treaty signed, not here, away
Going Green
Fish understand

A story beginning, "I suspect you will not like this, but..."
A house with lamplight in its windows
Achieved by Studying and Understanding
Everyone says beyond is freedom
After the First Rise of Green Light
Daylight Saving Time. Daylight, Saving Time
He says the Germans are starving.
A story beginning, “In one of my earliest memories
A big three-wheeler motor-bike
Cycling for bluebells near St Mellons
Crumpets, Muffins, Teacakes, Butter
 Teddy Boys and razors, kids from Pill
As light longs for dark and dark for light.
After the sun stares, glaring at nothing
A story beginning, "Life Begins at Forty? Forty WHAT?
A face that called me deep, and echoing
A worn gardener’s hat
Aunties are fat, or stand like brooms, they are never in-between
Gleaming the Cube
Death by Confusion
In Pisa, Leaning
Dssagent.exe - tool of the devil

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