Sunday, June 09, 2013

Prompts 09 June

At least I'm not a fish
Black, Your Heart
Far removed from fragranced linen
 Going to See Harry
 A story beginning: "The choice is
A Dove, a Blood-Red Sky
Go, Tell it on the Mountain
Deportation at Breakfast
He would not look at her
For sale: well rotted horse
Bright and early, fine in my intent
Four Cows
A story beginning "Magic …"
A story beginning, "I didn't mean to do it."
Chin up, duck! There are always people worse off
Going After Jenkins
Cold. Grey dawn breaking in a thin, silver line
And making planes that glide :
And in the red corner, hate
Does the twat in Spandex still bang that fucking drum?
It is useless to argue
Gerald Gerund, Thinking
Are you not afraid they will misunderstand?

Gas smells awful -
He was not short of courage, just discretion
After swimming, down Stow Hill, extraordinarily fresh
Half Welsh, Half-Human
As sharp as a candle
"Is there anybody there?".
A great bird soaring
Among all the legs I knew
Chairman, The Sad Bastard Club
Good Luck, Neil. Have a good Christmas.
First they came for the men who laid concrete
For the first time, or maybe the second time
Compound Interest
His khaki tie was perfectly knotted
Brought back to me that September evening
Encounter With a Bug
Church Bells and Bacon
I am considering becoming an astronaut
Camelot, 2006
A carpenter’s apprentice
A uniformed man is opening and closing gates

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