Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Prompts 12 July

Indian Food in Piccadilly
Get Up, Get Up, Get Up
First, pacify the dogs
Cousins I had forgotten, Aunts, Uncles
A dead mouse or something
Cut off the phone
Dancing Girls
Dream Auction
A little lady, sweet, who worried about Penguins
All evening eating peanut paste and onions
A Piece of Wood
Hair to Dye For
Don't be a goon, Boris
Danger, Existentialists operate in this area
"I'm here to kill the owner."
Brain in a VAT
52 Ways of Looking
Hookery Book
Four Lunches and a Dinner
Black handprints
Hot Buttered Mum
By going on a newspaper round this August
Fire & Water
A story beginning, "Eggs, did you mean EGGS?"
A Room for Romeo Smith
Early morning, Fairhaven, Massachusetts
He saw the boy and tried to stop him.
Gas smells awful -
A long marriage, at least longer than the last
Horses passing, their hooves muffled in sacks
An iPod Full of Birdsong
A few eggs left
Duck Soup
Blue, Green or Aquamarine?
Colander, sieve
Flush Fiction
But I don't Like It
"We shall discuss tomorrow, the persons who oppose me," said Miss Bickerstaffe.
He was vacuuming the floor when the doorbell rang
A small boat
Catching the Ten O'clock
A story beginning, "I didn't mean to do it."

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