Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Prompts 18 June

A Paper Bag of Winter Mixture
I AM communicating with you
An evening fades; there is a clatter far off
Dry black bread and sugarless tea
Everything connected by and and and and and
By the Water-Cooler
A child looking from a train
Her Secret Identity
A Knife Lost in a Man's Back
All afternoon, through the tall heat
Footfalls on the crazy lighted street
A Knife Lost in a Man's Back
He always wore one glove, carried the other
Google "SWPLJ until you're tweaked by a story
Another storm is battering at the windows, the wind keens
Dying, dearest, is hardly the point
Four hundred years deep :
Black Tuesday, Grey Wednesday
A call from London
Google "Gold leaf Cheese pickle" until you're tweaked

Another Way to Skin a Rabbit
Does that explain it?
Duct Tape
By the St Lawrence
After, Tom and the boys at the gate

How Green Was My Valley
Burrowing Under Barbed-Wire With Spoons
Florence Gosoftly went to the library every day.
A few eggs left
Even before I've left I long for this place
"Is there anybody there?".
From the scrotum of the Yak
Hay Fever
About suffering…
His staring glass eye
A thorn in the side of our field
Diary of a Dead Man
I am deceiving you
Charlie's Ears
A disagreeable experience
Four days later I am able to sleep again (via Secconal)
After all, he was Welsh

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