Sunday, June 02, 2013

More Prompts 3rd June

Words that Sting the Lips
Hacking off a hacker's knackers
A peculiar quick movement
And were we innocent then?
Every pebble dreams
As if I were a rustler
As far as I know they were working in France.
A Quantity of Solvent
Before we continue, may I just say

Driving thirty years ago, when the roads 
were quiet and the cars were noisy

Her lower lip is beginning to quiver
21 ships have been sunk so far.
A Guide Through the Theory of Divorce
Am I Really the Last Astronaut?
Each Man Wears His Suffering Like a Skin
A hole in Serbia
At times, frankly, I find it slim pickings
Black Tuesday, Grey Wednesday
An explosive situation
A bud
Hair to Dye For

Pour away the ocean, sweep up the wood
How sometimes the wind aches for people
Berry juice on your chin, teeth bared
A Boy with Golden Eyes
He sat and played a little, then someone began singing
How not to read
Before she was a virgin
Germany and Russia have divided up Poland.
Best New American Vices
He goes to mass with her and sits beside her
A train, unhappy
Coming in to Baltimore
He always tucked his daughter up at night
Feed’st thy light’s flame with self-substantial fuel
Fundamentally scared as when you are rigid
For now, presume there is only one moon
Blue, Blue, Red
A story beginning, "Back in my fifties…"
Among the Dead Cities
Galileo and New Horizons
Dead friends like jewels in my hand.
and Tonic

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