Monday, June 17, 2013

Prompts 17 July

A Secret History
And now she is cleansed
Come to Me Only With Playthings Now
How to Eat and Why
Beauty of the body
Delicious Curves
Boules, Entente Cordiale, Merde
A little Greek serving bad coffee
A white and shapeless mass.  <<<<
Amoeba  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Arguing with himself
Google "FSLKX
he grew, steadily. -
A story beginning: "I think, maybe it was the camera
Blodwen is pregnant
England Made Me
A gracious king
Accidental Jennifer
Autumn in California, mild, anonymous
He tried a step, then a step, then a step
After the First Rise of Green Light
Dear Honoria
Consumers, industry,
 Amid the usual distractions.
Clothes not immediately in use etc.
After all the shouting, all the crying
A Month With No Internet, NO Internet
Death by egg-whisk
Good quality markets
Clocks, Watches, Time
Black Dog, Red Dog
Books, Guests and Katie
Business as Usual
Have you ever stopped to consider
From the scrotum of the Yak
Aunties are fat, or stand like brooms, they are never in-between
He always tucked his daughter up at night
Half a Sixpence
Fuck this
A story beginning, "Start With a Lie and Never Look Sideways or Back
But it is the Caesar scar I love
Apeneck Sweeney spreads his knees

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