Saturday, June 08, 2013

Prompts 08 June

Asterisks in my diary
Living in a jungle, living in a tent.
We know the walls are strong
Cycling in the rain
The beans among the weeds
We should dedicate ourselves to drink
I woke up and found my heart was in the garden
Apparently 40% is almost half
Falling into the pool
I know you're dead, but how dead?
We can continue, not go back and change

From Wales, the mostly English sector
Give us This Day
Every other known planet
Eight Feet Under
Around me the images of thirty years
Cold Stella
Blue Moon
Bread Pudding
 Miguel and the Magic Trainers
A Long Way in a Mini
How can I get a sense of country?
First, having read the book of myths
Filed halfpennies for the meter
Hello, my babies
In Pisa, Leaning
He was a deaf-mute beggar with a black beetle body
Cherry Tango
A Quantity of Solvent
An assignation in Oxford
Banana, Banana
All things must close, and it wash over
He was used to the heat, living down here.

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