Saturday, January 02, 2010

Twenty Prompts: WRITE Something!

01 Once again, this time for Zelda

02 In dreams I do not know where I am, who I am

03 I'd been in London ten months

04 I will start with the visible, imagine the rest

05 Anti-Clockwise

06 Sometimes I think I can feel you but it's just warm air moving

07 Ghee

08 Thames Beach, above us glasses

09 Time will show it: I told you so

10 Let aeroplanes circle, droning, moaning

11 The handsome cyclist, but his back is dark with mud

12 My daughter is drawing with pink crayon. She asks for red: the blood.

13 Burning the cards

14 Village, yes; City yes; Towns, oh God!

15 I used to have this amazing bath, this amazing bath

16 Without a doubt, there is a way to lose.

17 The men have left. The silences are louder

18 Far off a light glows

19 I could learn guitar, talk rather than sing

20 I think I am hearing the songs. I hear wood creaking

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