Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday 15:17

Deadline (official start 15:30) is 16:45

I have decided to be slovenly
I think my sight is not what it was
I want to somewhere, on a long dark train, whistling
Kitchen Sync
Lovely Rita

Madness by Text
Maybe We Will Recover
Memories of My Father
Memories TV
Monica Monica Canteen Queen

My Auntie is sad because she's dying. My uncle is sad because he can't.
My little enamel table
My new hairdo and clothes have cheered me up
Next door's cat is shitting in my roses

One day I will be a skinny boy, ribs showing
One Mint Left
I have been having a pleasant day in bed, resting and reading
Please choose music, photos

Pull Yourself Apart, Man!
Red Light
Say it's all right Joe

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