Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Prompts

It wouldn't be true to say I wasn't there, but I wasn't there


There are places that breathe, that whisper

Not Required on Voyage

The river isn't listening

Street shouts, the housemaids roused

I was on such a train

Consider grass

Meeting at the Bottle-Bank

I am glad I'm not a fish, a fish, a fucking fish

The tenements glisten under slow Welsh rain

The sword is handier in a fight than the pen

It was about a second

I have decided to be English

From the train into London, mud huts with corners

The Circle most definitely isn't

They are closing the gun factories. Less jobs and more people. Madness!

She sits in a blue-grey smog. She could be beautiful


I was not at Waterloo

Last night I dreamt about my first wife

If you want to get there, don't start from here.

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