Friday, January 01, 2010

23 New Year's Day Prompts

The first of many, this set. Please let me know if you write a flash, story or poem today.

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Does the road wind uphill?


This is where we met

I have a rendezvous with Life

Consider the cat, the worm

I have walked this way before but it all surprises me

At least it wasn’t your fault

Nothing is required

We hear the wail of mothers

1,620 Minutes

All the traffic lights are red

Paper Crowns

Doubt drifts down among us

I heard it was Kerry

Mrs Murchison and the Man from Vienna

It’s a kind of blue but more green, really

Gerry Adams loves this one.

The river widens, deepens but then it is mud

I was seeking the answer, to do with butterflies

To do with pork, something about pork

The hands of other people and I am lifted up

Friends, fellow travelers, no need for pity

When you are away, I turn down your pictures

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