Monday, January 18, 2010

Prompts, Monday 18th

Any direct quotes will be followed by an asterisk

As I age I remember small, beautiful, things

Once a snake

Or on the other hand, Harlech

No man is an island, entire of itself *

Sometimes the numbers overwhelm us.

Consider, a fox

An apple, after rain

The machines are rusting. One day they will wonder what they were.

I must continue

Kings and fucking bishops

After this last snow I love the way the earth returns

This was his village

And I must love

Three fifties in his belt, but he is still dead

I choose the serious corner

I have good openings, but the end is always bad

I'm leaving, on a jet-plane*

The squirrel, and you can shoot them and be paid


I thought, this year, I would plant potatoes

Small pellets of lead

Two Rediffusion engineers playing chess in a greasy-spoon


Lie to me, but in a nice way

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