Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Morning Prompts

Apologies for the lateness. Domestic Disasters
(no that's not a prompt!)

Stand still a moment, listen carefully
When the day comes, and it will
Balancing his work, his lover, his writing
We woke up face to face like lovers
A small dark dot, someone is waving
We are waiting for the drowned man
The endless emptiness when they are gone
Something has come to our attention

Facing backwards on the escalator
Full of professors and so-o-o-o American
An Orang-Utan, his dog
A stitch of want below the throat
In a filthy alley just below
It's small things, the unreturned email, the pauses
Belching out the Devil
This is one possible way, raise our heads, walk
If candle-flame took the light
Perhaps there is a way we can recover

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