Saturday, January 09, 2010

Prompts. Saturday 9th Jan

Nothing more beautiful

The water doesn't care


As each one of us lowered our eyes

I woke to the sound of horses clopping past

Slowly, aching with morning, the train pulls away


Tin Bath, Sky Dish

The future may be bright, or not


I knew a girl once, but not her name

You'll have to dig deep to find me, but I am there

How the world disappeared, and came back

I Remember, I Remember

Snow. It could be the end

The steam, smoke, grit, all swirling

At the gates, they come because they come

Home Town? Hardly.

Alleys, Gunnels

Some women marry houses

We all have to wear the same colour suits

Everyone dies. Why is over there any different?


Vanessa Gebbie said...

Brilliant. Got a 1800 wd story - really strange. Ta.

Alex Keegan said...

Great. Glad you got something. I can't write at all at the moment.