Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturday Evening Prompts

Here are two days' worth of prompts.

Use half for the 7:15 session (deadline 8:50) and the other half gor the 9 o'clock kick-off

I'll be back to post a set of prompts at 11:30

A grey curtain
Because above all things you wanted me
Begin again when the light rises
Death is never a mistake
Everywhere will be home
Faster and Faster. Faster!
From unmarked box to unmarked box
Fucking in the shower
I am a hungry bear, a scurrying rat
I have no voice
I see a lighthouse, sending out dark
If I knew how, I would do this delicately
I'll say it, then. No
I'm building a seven-sided cube
It is time to read out the charges
Let me take you through it again
Life spared him. The others were lucky.
Like something has started dancing on your desk
My kids are off to Auchswitz
Nine out of ten humans when asked prefer
No THIS is clutter
Somewhere, a woman is singing
Stones scatter themselves, the wind rests then moves on
The hospital, the doctor, the squirting flower
There are soft moments, silences, village cricket, insects
There are voices, ripples on the night
There is an empty chair
There is someone, something, in the ditch
They are manning the barricades, the ditches
This is the third time this week
To be born is to expect pain
Tongue and Teeth
We are too sad to be blind
We are walking to the North end
Why not be a surgeon?
Years ago when I was not old enough, I never thought I would be too old
Your hair is wet, your eyes

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