Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thursday Has Come Early

Not sure how tomorrow will be so here are some prompts


You would know him if you saw him

Michaelmas Day

I Am From Barthe-lona

Is anybody there? said the traveller, knocking on the moonlit door

In Chicago, at the Autmun's end

Nobody heard him, the dead man

I registered under another name and paid for the room in cash

Had we but world enough and time

Dirty British Coaster With a Salt-Caked Smoke-Stack

I was shot twice.

When the Evening is spread out against the sky

Midway through October he got himself excused classes for a week

Mrs Coope lingered over her coffee

One time he and momma argued over money. he left

After the cups, the marmalade, the tea

The moon blanches the yard

The singing will never be done

Actually, Mrs Luddy didn't go down to the street either

You blubberous devil said a dark young man

Dorky Day Has Changed My Life

I am all alone in my pad, man, my piled-up-to-the-ceiling-with-junk pad

Then came the camel men, cursing and growling


The girl touches her lover's face

He did not wear his scarlet coat

Here among long-discarded cassocks

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