Monday, October 16, 2006

More Prompts, Monday Morning

The Shining House


Machine Gun Joe

The Incredible Neccesity for Absolute Precision


Thanks For the Ride


The Time of the Eye

Why Marjorie Tavistock Doesn't Any More

An Ounce of Cure


I Have No Mouth, I Must Scream

Day of the Butterfly

The Very Last Day of a Good Woman

Red Dress 1946

The Unwashed Deformed Fat Woman With Extreme Menstrual Distress, Pelvic Floor Issues, a Weeping Pile, Halitosis and Dandruff, an Unfaithful Husband and Druggie Kids, working in an Undertakers, Sees a Foetus and Gets Upset

The Spreadsheet That Had a Nervous Breakdown

The Sky is Burning

I did not hear much about Jane's father except his head was cut off

Body Fluids

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe, Three-Four Shoot the Whore

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