Friday, October 06, 2006

Thursday Continued

11:40 Diary Thursday

I suppose, considering I'm struggling to write, 4,500 words by 11:30 on the 5th is OK. I still have the rest of today (maybe I'll flash) although I have three trips, one to the recycling, one to get the kids, one to post a pile of Seventh Quark's

I must get it right. If I arrive home with all the 7Qs, did I recycle the kids and post a load of plastic bottles, or...?

I feel SO relieved to have got this latest story (long for me) out of the way. Rarely for me it took three days (first draft) when I almost always blast a story out at more than a thousand words an hour.

This one should have been easy but for some reason was excruciatingly tough

but as I say, it's DONE!

Now some admin... and then later

(well I MIGHT write something)

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