Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday (and Prompts)

I Hate Fridays! Bridge Thursday Night and I never get to bed before 01:30, up at 5:30 and feel like crap (to take PJ to swimming at 06:15) And we were awful at Bridge, pard has a lot on her mind.

Early rise, you'd expect a flying start at running, but it's off to the pool, not enough time to come back, so will read The Ghost Road (try to finish the first quick read today)

I'll take some poetry too as that has to be read for next year and snippets of poetry is often great for prompting a story.

Today's Prompts

Not After 9PM

Tear Along the Dotted Line

George + Tomos, Architects


Having Reasonable Cause to Believe


Accepted in Full and Final Settlement

A Slight Problem With the Sky

Ground Falling

Reading Strange Books By South Americans

Please See Overleaf

Sweet Jesus! Sweet!

Standing Up in a Hammock

Sunset Song.

Kiss of the Fly Woman

On the Point of a Pin

From 1 to 2, and Back Again, Begin!

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