Sunday, October 29, 2006

DUNNIT! 41,520 words

I wrote a few days ago saying I hoped to crack 40,000 words this month but it seemed unlikely.

Well a purple weekend and I am on 41,520 (in 24 Days)

That 50K Novel-in-a-Month thing sounds like a doddle

10 Flashes
08 Poems
05 Shorts
08 Stories
01 Articles (SOLD)
01 Unfinished Piece (320 words)

02 Rejections
01 Hits

Quantity before Quality?

I have always found that the more I write, the faster I write, the better it gets. I expect to place 90% of this month's work. One piece is my entry into The National Short Story Prize. At least two others will do very well in comps.

I won't post the list now, but will kep updating it once the stuff starts to place (or not!)

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