Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Win a Prize. Free Entry

Talking of prompts (and see the Boot Camp Keegan blog most days for BC Prompts) I took a scan of my email trash and found this lot in about two minutes.

A bit like those "found poems"

IMO these spammers are wasted. They should be writers.

Anyway, an Alex Keegan Novel of your choice to the best story using some of the below as inspiration. Second prize is two AK Novels...

I'll judge FIRST on quality of story and second on ingenuity.

TIP: prompts work by "letting them happen" not by tortuously engineering texts to fit them in.


Your cash, orange throated
Your future, oyster tree
Your future, pearl hardening
Hi, narrow-necked
Your money, palm honey
Hi, much-branched
Your Health, North-Seeking
Your cash, olive family
Better future, woman movement
Hi, pale bark
Your health, pale reddish
Aggressor Punk
Guesswork Numb
Order status mid-thoracic
Top-hat letter-size
Encore hot seat
Out, his ferocious stars that about you have to us back
Gasp overtime
Bonjour/Salaam from marrakesh
Unauthorised Access to Your PayPal Account
Spelled try different key words
Clutton Bunfight
And Maybe it's yours about
Fire hydrant
News maps
Wails on Sunday
Typo Merciless
Narcissism Predisposition
New Moderator Needed
Lard Ass Blake
South-East Yesterday
Axis of Two them, Appeal to Buy Off Enemies
Join Alerts Create
Mountainous Curse
Monday and Strikes
Sure Words
And tackled him
Floodlight Anglican
Canal people
Overpower Acrobatics

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