Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Details of Frantic Flash (Sep 30 & Oct 1st)

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for further details

The Seventh Quark Frantic Flash Competition. (Sept 30th & Oct 1st)

TWO Entry Days ("First weekend of the month")
SIX separate time-slots. (0900-1800-2100) (UK Times)
SIX sets of prompts. (6-20 prompts)
Entrants can enter 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 times with appropriate fees.
£5 per story. 3 stories for £15 if pre-paid.

NO word limit, minimum or maximum.
75/80 Minute time-limit for added pressure!

All entrants can access all stories for discussion (author-blind)
Within 30 minutes of story time-slot closing.

Titles scored and updated on website in real-time with scores
Short-List by Monday Midnight.

Independently Judged Results by Thursday Midnight
A Reader Vote, Shorter Short-List published in Seventh Quark

£100/$200 guaranteed First Prize.
Prizes updated on line as entries increase.

Minimum of 50% of Entry used for prizes, average 60% before costs.
To date:
3,527 in Entry Fees
2,130 in Prizes = 60.4% paid in prizes
Costs are taken out from the 39.6% surplus
All surpluses go to Seventh Quark magazine

Peer feedback available on all stories, if desired.
Feedback from Alex Keegan available on all stories
Note this is done privately so stories are not "published"
Any entrant can request their story NOT be seen by the group.
All stories are author-anonymous

Up to ten stories may be published in Seventh Quark Magazine
(maximum to date 5)

Run by a team that between them has won almost 40 first prizes.
Readers have won almost 100 First Prizes

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