Friday, September 01, 2006

Article, More Prompts

Take a look at my latest article, "Napalm"

Written my story for the day (11:23) so here are a few more prompts

Hollywood & Trawsfynnydd


One Grey November Day, Elliot Went to Boston for the Afternoon

You've Got to Read This!

The Card

The Tea-Bag is in the Post

I Don't Know What to Do About My Husband's New Wife.

A Good Thing, a Very-Good Thing

An Alternative to Rain

The Inn of the Sixth Happiness, Bedgellert


Mrs Jones' Confinement

I Stand Here Ironing


The Grandmother Didn't Want to Go to Florida


The End of the Holiday


Abominable Snowman v BigFoot, Home & Away

The Bakery, Three o'clock in the morning

The Good Moslem Cleric


Why Tick-Tock and Not Tock-Tick?

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