Friday, September 15, 2006

Seventh Quark Issue 4

Good News Bad News?

A New Issue of 7th Quark goes out next Friday (Printer Dependent) and I have some time on my hands (oh time, time) so expect to see Issues 5 & 6 following close behind.

Still desperate for GOOD material.

If you look at a piece abnd think, "Yeah, I could send that..." it ISN'T good enough.

Winning Writers. We are happy to reprint comp 1-2-3s as part of our policy of showing aspiring writers what wins comps.

PS read the "winners" of a large international competition last week. One was utter DRIVEL and of the rest I don't think one was good enough for Seventh Quark

PS Today's hits take the BC total to 164 for the year.


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