Friday, September 08, 2006

Another Finalist, Another Set of Prompts

One more Final Placing, XXXXX in the final of Mere. Results announced October.

That's our 53rd prize/Place/Final this year.

This morning's prompts follow.


The Resemblance Between a Violin-Case and a Coffin

Apples and Pears


When the Famous Turns Out to be Shite

The Dying Editor

Holiday on Man.

You Can Fool Some of the People

Albert Einstein's Not-so-Clever Elder Brother

My Dead Brother Comes to America

You Hear the One About Rankin, Bennett, and Runyan?

Inside the Sun

Where Are You Going? Where have You Been?

Civil Rights

The Half-Skinned Sheep

Lower Back

You're Pretty Too

Various Kinds of Tea

Olive Oil

Pink, Blue, Black, White, Pink, Blue

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