Saturday, September 16, 2006

More Prompts and a Heads Up

Children-in-Need Night is Friday November 17th.

We are looking for 100_ writers to join our group (23 last year raised £10,000) to write-write-write to prompts throughtout 30 Hours from 1800 THURSDAY to 23:59 Friday.

The main challenge is 2100 Thursday - 2100 Friday (24 Hours) but the time-slots are widened to allow for different countries etc.

Individuals may choose much shorter times - you do not have to sign up for the 24 or 30 Hour stints.

Entry is £25, of which £10 goes to prizes (as incentive), £10 goes to CIN, and £5 is for copies of the anthology at cost.

Entrants would also raise sponsorship and we would like to aim for £50,000.

We are liasing with a publisher as we speak but there WILL be quality publications from this.

Boot Camper TomC has signed up again. He writes: How could I say no? After last year's CIN Blast I sold eight pieces for £120!"

The above should tell you that the burst of energy (early) and writing when out of your skull, produces quality, stuff that suprises us all.

Join us and help kids.

Saturday 0805 Prompts

Maida Vale

I'm transitting from Oz, meet you for twenty minutes?

Soul Transplant

Then she began to move her arms, in a short, intricate dance

The Complicator

As she undressed she said, "Does it have cobwebs?"

The Varying Quality of Air

The Difference between a squared circle and a rounded square

I won't tell

I Have an Old Dictionary, About 500 Years old

The Man Who Hated Trees

The groom was losing his studied patience

101 Delicious Cat Recipes

When the Doctor's Wife Vanished, He


Oh, come on, everything you DO is bent!

My Mother, Behind the Front-Room Door

and earlier, from Lexie

Spinach: Lethal Weapon

The Greatest of These is Charity

The Lion's Share

Roger the Lodger

The Phoenix: A Tale of Spontaneous Combustion

The Reds Versus the Reds

A Pair of Silver Scissors

Steradent and Spectacle Chains

The children will sing as the coffin disappears from view

How DO you solve a problem like Maria?

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