Saturday, October 25, 2014

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 34 (25-10) 08:20

Thatcham Era October Blast Prompts 34 (25-10) 08:20

 787 After much thought, I did this day, make known
788 Stepping from the gate and into Sarah's arms
789 The road uphill, the scenery spectacular
790 It is true that she also scribbles in secret
791 A scene which is calculated to cause alarm
792 A negro boy called Kirk

793 Many there are who would disprove of such entry-making
794 Hyde Park, echoing with the sound of soldiers' boots
795 The loud huzzahs of these Sons of Africa
796 It is possible to not think about women
797 A rise fashion these days, among the high-born
798 The judge set the boy free for want of evidence

799 I went for a walk, feeling lonely 
800 Gerald says I shouldn't eat so much bread
801 The bible verses she reads
802 The Regent of Iraq and his Minister of Defence
803 Depressing, gay, tormenting, delightful, silly and sensible
804 Or break my fast, then wind yarn for my mother

805 'Tis a noble thing to keep the diary
806 The avenue is alive with desire
807 A second's flicker of a match
808 The police wait, hoping for trouble
809 Drinking bad martinis with vacuous girlfriends
810 The viands she consumes

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